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New Cubied - Time Trials Update

New Cubied: Time Trials

The 1.2 "Time Trials" update for New Cubied is now available. This update brings speedrunning to the game through timed worlds along with new tiles, bug fixes and quality of life improvements. In this post I will provide a quick overview of timed worlds, how they work and the new tiles types before concluding with a full list of changes.

Timed Worlds

How They Work

The main star of this update is the new timed mode. It can be enabled per world at the time of upload. If enabled, the world is given a leaderboard and players are encouraged to race for the best time. The player's time is displayed at the top of the screen and starts once they begin moving. Once they step on the new finish line tile (more on that later) a menu opens and their time is submitted. The menu displays the top 10 times along with the player's own ranking. It also tells them when they have improved their time and by how much. The full leaderboard for a world can also be viewed from within the world browser.

A screenshot of the world completion menu


In order for a world to be timed there are only two simple requirements. The first one is that the world has to be locked at the time of upload. If the world becomes unlocked at any point during the run the player's time becomes voided. The second is that your world must contain at least one of the new finish line tiles (more on that later) which the player can reach.

How to Enable

Enabling the timed feature is easy. All you have to do is make sure your world is locked and then check a box in the upload menu. When enabled you will have to playtest the world before you can upload it.

New Tiles

The "Time Trials" update includes four new tiles. Two are intended for the new timed feature, and the other two are for decoration. Checkpoints work similar to respawners, except they save/restore progress while the world is locked and can only be activated by the player. As mentioned before, finish line tiles act as an ending point or goal for timed levels. The spots tile is just another pattern to mix things up a bit, it doesn't do much. The last one left is the stripes tile type, it also doesn't do a whole lot but it looks pretty cool.

An example of the checkpoint tile being used

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Bug Fixes & Quality of Life

This update also includes some bug fixes, here are the most notable ones:

  • Fixed where a box would freeze if a player dies while lifting it.
  • It is now also impossible to infinitely climb a wall by exploiting coyote time.

It also brings these two handy quality of life improvements:

  • It is now possible to lock a world at the time of upload without needing a passcode or to use cheats, making it much more convenient to do so.
  • There is now a restart button in the menu while in a world downloaded from the world browser.
  • Presssing the end key will also now restart a downloaded world.
  • Conveyor tile variants are now animated.

Thank You

Those were all of the specific new features and changes I wanted to point out. A full detailed changelog is available below. If you upload any cool timed worlds make sure to share them on the New Cubied forums or in the comments under this post!

Thanks for reading, Dylan

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Full Changelog


  • Added 4 new tile types:
    • Spots
    • Stripes
    • Checkpoint
      • Acts similar to the respawner tile
      • Saves/restores progress while the world is locked
      • Can only be activated by the player
    • Finish line
      • Serves as an ending point for timed levels
  • Updated textures
    • Conveyors are now animated
    • Subtle tweaks and changes

World Browser

  • Worlds can now be timed
    • When enabled the world is given a leaderboard
    • The player's time is submitted after they come in contact with a finish line
    • Requires the world to be locked, time is voided when unlocked
    • Requires the user to playtest their world before uploading


  • Added a completion screen for when the player completes a timed level
  • Added a leaderboard menu within the world browser
  • Added a toggle to lock a world in the upload menu
  • Added a toggle to make a world timed in the upload menu
  • Added a restart button in the menu for downloaded worlds
  • Pressing the end key now restarts a downloaded world
  • Added a timer for speedruns displayed when inside a timed world
  • Print text label changed slightly to include more of its color

Bug fixes

  • Fixed boxes freezing when the player dies while lifting them
  • Fixed infinite wall climbing

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a month ago

we heart lazlo


a month ago

this is the best but also the worst update ever speedruns are good NO MORE WALLHOP NOOO


a month ago

Where's the timer for this blog post? I read it the fastest!

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New Cubied: Time Trials

Written by Dylan
Published Jun 21, 2024, 8:00pm CST
Edited Jun 21, 2024, 8:38pm CST


The 1.2 update for New Cubied is now available. This update adds a whole new side to the game with speedrunning and leaderboards! Use new tiles such as the checkpoint and finish line to create worlds for you and your friends to compete in for the best time. This update also brings some bug fixes and quality of life improvements to the game.