Content policy

About our content policy

When making posts or interacting with other users on our website or any of our games we ask that you please follow our content policy. We have this content policy to help ensure that all users can have an enjoyable experience. Failure to follow the content policy may result in your account being either temporarily or permanently banned.

Text content

(Usernames, posts, comments, messages, etc)

  • Usernames must be appropriate. They may not contain vulgar language, slang and anything of a sexual nature.
  • Excessive swearing or inappropriate language is not allowed.
  • Any racist or sexual language not allowed.
  • You cannot create spam, which includes unwanted messages, mass messaging, advertising, and content created just to annoy others.


(Images, game content, links to external websites, etc)

  • You may not share links to any graphic, disturbing or malicous content.
  • Content that you upload must not depict any nudity or shocking/disturbing content.
  • Files that you upload or link to must not contain any malware.

User conduct

  • Harassment of any person or group of people is not allowed.
  • Do not submit false reports.
  • You may not impersonate other users and real world people.
  • Do not participate in offsite activity, such as selling/trading digital items from our games for real money.

Last updated 1/22/24