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What is elite?

Elite is an affordable membership plan that allows you to directly support us. We are a small independent software developer/publisher located in Nebraska. It is our passion to make and share games that avoid the predatory and immoral practices many other games these days have. We want the games on our network to be available to as many people as possible. Because of this we offer many of our games for free, which can make it difficult to pay the bills. By becoming an Ezcha Elite member you would help us out substantially.

General Perks

  • No advertisements
  • Access to exclusive news posts
  • Early and exclusive access to certain games
  • Access to exclusive forums
  • Text formatting on the forums
  • Upload and share images on the forums
  • No post limits
  • Access to the #elite-lounge Discord channel
  • A cool icon and title on your profile
  • Our gratitude

In-Game Perks

Space Triangle Royale

  • 10 additional player colors

New Cubied

  • Increased world upload limit of 50
  • Unlocked large & extra large world options

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Goals & Rewards

Monthly Events


Events will start being hosted once a month if this goal is reached. These would include contests, giveaways and competitions.

This goal has been reached.

Breaking Even


At this point Ezcha LLC would no longer be losing money. There would be some kind of special event or new short game to celebrate this.

16 elite members remaining.

Minecraft Server


If this goal is met development on a new Minecraft server will begin. This server would be elite exclusive and in survival mode with few plugins.

21 elite members remaining.

More Elite Exclusive Posts


I will guarantee that there will be a new elite exclusive post at least once a month after this goal is met.

31 elite members remaining.

Scribble Surfer Demo


To celebrate the 100 elite member milestone I would release an elite exclusive demo of the all new Scribble Surfer early.

56 elite members remaining.

Going Full-Time


I will quit my job and work on Ezcha and game development full-time. And you probably thought the Scribble Surfer Demo goal was hopeful.

2456 elite members remaining.