News Breaking News: A New Update!

Breaking News: A New Update!

Breaking News: A New Update!

Hello Ezcha users! I have a news report for you: more updates have arrived to the platform! The Ezcha platform is working to improve the experience for users and developers as it moves towards more great games and content in the future!

Learn more in this post about some of the newest developments that have made their way to the site recently.

Get the Daily Scoop!

Get the Daily Scoop!

A big highlight of the latest updates is the amount of things to look forward to whether you visit the site once a week, once a day, or once an hour! Below are some new daily additions you can now look forward to.

Game of The Day

To start, everyday one Ezcha game will now be highlighted as the game of the day, for anyone who isn't sure where to start today or simply wishes to see their favorite game get some more love. Additionally, the critically acclaimed EzAnchorGuy will inform both the Ezcha Discord and Twitter about this game of the day. Those who play the game of the day for at least 5 minutes will also receive an additional 10 experience points that day!

Daily Objectives

What's this? A new checklist has appeared in your Alerts page! Everyday Ezcha users can earn social experience points by completing the four tasks assigned to them in this checklist. These tasks reset every at 12AM CST so make sure to be on the lookout for those looking to get up in the ranks!

These new tasks also bring in a new feature; you can now share games! Under any Ezcha game you can find the new Share section to post your current favorite Ezcha game to Twitter, Reddit, or Facebook! Plus, you will get 10 experience points once a day for sharing a game, so spread the word!

While on the topic of objectives, some new miscellaneous ones have also been added:

  • You will earn experience for every 100 days and every year of your visit streak!
  • You will earn 50 social experience points when you gift another user Elite!

New Look, Easier Navigation!

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New Look, Easier Navigation!

With this update and more planned to be adding new features, the site has been reorganized and freshened up to make way for all the content to come. Below are some of the latest changes for this easing.

New Layouts

Several new areas have received new layouts to make it easier for you to find what you need!

For starters, look to your right; the user section of the navigation bar has been freshened up to make accessing your profile, alerts, settings, and logging off all in a concise area.

The news and games sections have also been reworked to load faster and provide you with even more options to find what you need including tag selection, the games section also features a banner similar to the home page so you can find the hottest titles of the site, additionally the Game of the day as mentioned earlier can be found here.

Other smaller changes include urls and other smaller pages being made to be more uniform and consistent with the rest of the website as well as the Alerts archive section getting pages, what was the first thing you got experience points for? Well, now you can know!

User Finding

The users page has also recieved a big update, along with getting a new look you can also sort through all users in the site from several different categories. Find out if you're really a true Ezcha user by seeing if you have top 10 in any of the categories! If you're just starting out, you can also search through these categories in Ascending order now to see who's at the very end. The page will let you know what position you reside in any of the categories as well, in case your eyes aren't working!

I also have it in my notes to tell you that- wait what? Apparently Elite users can now enable ads if they'd like to, thank you to whoever is crazy enough to use this setting!

Bug Squashing

Bug Squashing

This update has also provided a few other smaller but important fixes for keeping the platform stable, I'll save you the witty writing and give you a list of what these are:

  • Site should show 400 errors less with better CSRF implemented
  • There shouldn't be anymore broken redirects when doing actions
  • Trophies shouldn't fail to grant to you anymore
  • Discord accounts shouldn't randomly unlink from the Ezcha platform anymore
  • Popular Threads are now calculated better
  • Behind the scenes features like moderation, drafting, and game developing are being worked on and improved!

Speaking of game development, we've been working hard on adding some new cool tools to the platform for those looking to make games with Ezcha in the future. Stay tuned for more information as the release of such tools gets closer.

That's all for now! We hope you're liking the new site changes and are excited for what's to come as we keep making the improvements. Some highlights which have also happened recently that you should also check out are the recent updates made to both New Cubied and Don't Push The Button, as well as the upcoming title PIG_IRON.

Thanks for reading, Max

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4 months ago

I wonder what could be coming next...


5 months ago

nice to see a news post that reminds me of all the cool updates on ezcha!

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Breaking News: A New Update!

Written by Max
Published Mar 2, 2024, 4:10pm CST
Edited Mar 2, 2024, 8:54pm CST


A post about the latest new and improved changes made to! Including fresh looks, rewards, and more!