News "Thieves at Sea" is now on!


Thieves at Sea is now on!

With help from Dylan, we were able to port an old game of mine to run in the web browser, Thieves at Sea. A game originally made for a Demake Jam in 2018. As this game was really ambitious, it had to be developed far into the voting period and didn't get many votes as a result, but now the game can have a new life as a browser game on!

This version fixes some bugs found in the original release, introduces some aesthetic changes (like a fade when switching areas), and adds quality of life changes (faster item switching, expanded control options).

What is Thieves at Sea?

Thieves at Sea is a GameBoy Color "demake" of the popular game Sea of Thieves with many elements toned down due to time restraints. In this game you'll take quests from two merchants and explore 4 hand-crafted islands. The Game was programmed by me with art by Voxy, and sounds and a full OST by blockerlocker. The soundtrack to the game can be found here, putting a chiptune spin on a couple of Sea of Thieves's songs.

Thieves at Sea was the first fully fledged game I've ever made, being as I only had experience in software development through GameMaker (Mine-imator, Modelbench), so it was an interesting experience throwing myself into a game jam and putting a time limit on myself to make something good. Since then I've been picking up game dev tips and perhaps you might see me develop more games for/alongside Ezcha in the future. 👀

You can play Thieves at Sea here. Have fun!

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a year ago

omg A gAmE??????????


a year ago

Think y'er a worthy pirate?


a year ago

cool game!!!

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"Thieves at Sea" is now on!

Written by Nimi
Published Dec 30, 2022, 10:01pm CST
Edited May 24, 2023, 10:00pm CST


"Thieves at Sea", a GameBoy Color demake of the game "Sea of Thieves" is now available on!