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An Elite Update

Hello Ezcha users! We're excited to announce a new of set features arriving on the site today coming to Elite! If you don't know, Elite is a subscription plan that allows anyone to directly support the development work of Ezcha LLC while also providing you some cool perks through the website and it's titles, these perks continue to grow as the platform grows and today we're showing off new plans and features now available for the membership.

Elite Gifting

What's the best present you can possibly give someone on Ezcha? Well the answer is likely now Elite, starting today you can purchase a gift of any of the available plans for another user of the site to receive. These plans are one-time purchases meaning there is no subscription renewal included on them, they are also supported by more payment processors than traditional subscription plans.

If you're ever in need of getting a gift for someone who happens to also be an Ezcha enthusiast, look no further!

To celebrate the new feature, Ezcha users who gift another user any membership plan will receive the membership plan themselves free of charge as a bonus! This offer is valid through October 31st.

One-Time Purchases

Alongside gifts, you can also buy any available subscription plan as a one-time no renewal purchase for yourself! These plans also are supported by more payment processors than the traditional subscription plans and are perfect for those who want to give the subscription a try or are unable to buy regular subscription plans. Make sure to check them out on the elite page!

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Unlock Goals & Rewards!

A new perk of Elite can now be found directly on its page, to celebrate more elite members the Ezcha platform will reward users by doing certain activities and new content when milestones of elite members are met! These rewards can be one of many things whether it be new events, new posts, new game demos, or anything else! You can view what goals and rewards Ezcha currently has set up at the bottom of the elite page.

We hope to see more and more of these goals passed in the future and to bring you more content with the support, who knows maybe one day Dylan will somehow go full-time!

Speaking of awards, did you know that certain Ezcha games give you elite perks?! Every Ezcha game that contains elite perks will now say so on their respective game page. Additionally the elite page itself will randomly list game perks that you have access to, these will only grow as more games arrive to the platform!

More numbers please!

On a final note, while not elite-related we also have added some new stats on the site for you to check out. All game trophies now list how many people own them as well as what percentage of people who have played that game have unlocked that achievement, this provides some fun insight into how insane your Ezcha peers may be! More importantly it begs the question, why have 6 people pressed the button 1,000 times in Don't Push The Button? I guess we'll never know..

That's all for now! We hope you enjoy these new changes to elite and we're excited for the future of Ezcha as more features continue to make their way both to the website and it's current supply of games. Who knows, maybe there's some future titles soon to come!

Thanks for reading, Max

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9 months ago

very cool!


9 months ago

also ezdad whens the re-enable ads feature for elite users coming I miss ads :(


9 months ago

Does elite come with discord nitro or no


9 months ago

this post reminds me of myself. garbage


9 months ago

this post is epic

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An Elite Update

Written by Max
Published Oct 24, 2023, 10:30pm CST
Edited Feb 25, 2024, 5:09pm CST


A post detailing new and improved features coming to Ezcha's membership plan Elite, including new purchase options, perks, and more.