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Warning: This game sucks. It was made in 2015 as one of my earlier endeavors. Read the devlogs for the brand new Scribble Surfer here!

Tap... tap... running... oh look a heart! Sit back and enjoy a game where running and avoiding explosive bullets required no more effort than tapping a screen. Guide the surfer dude by tapping the screen, moving the wave along with how high this dude surfs. Earn coins and hearts and see who can stay alive the longest!


Scribble Surfer Classic 1.2.0
Released Dec 5, 2022
(Originally released Dec 10, 2015)
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7 months ago

music's fire


7 months ago

Instead of playing this lame game you should check out the latest devlog for the all new Scribble Surfer!


10 months ago

v we need a like comment feature so i can agree that this game sucks (jk)


10 months ago

this game sucks!!

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