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Site update part 2!



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Posted Feb 6, 2023, 2:17pm CST OP

Site update part 2!

This update is actually fairly small but still worth pointing out.

What's new?


  • Hidden games no longer update the "now playing" section of profiles.
  • Improved game tools for developers
  • Improved secret APIs


  • Mentions and auto-hyperlinks now work everywhere instead of just the forums. This includes the "about me" section of profiles.
  • Users can now be mentioned by prefixing their name with a @ symbol. This will notify the user. Example: @QuentinXT
  • URLs are now automatically made into hyperlinks.
  • Slight style updates.
  • Improved page meta data.
  • Users without elite are now shown ads. Gotta pay the bills somehow...

A new game and news post will be coming relatively soon. Thank you all for the continued support.


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