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It Is Eggcha Day

Hello Ezcha users, what're you doing reading this post? Haven't you heard the news? A new holiday has cropped up on the platform and you should be roaming the newly created landscapes to celebrate! Introducing, Eggcha Day, available now to June 14th.

A graphic of all eggs featured in Eggcha Day

Eggcha Day: Featuring Eggs

If you haven't picked up on it by now, Eggcha Day is a holiday to celebrate the hunting for eggs. You can now play the newly created Eggcha Day game available for a limited time between today, May 31st officially known as Eggcha Day 2024 and June 14th. There are 15 different eggs for you to collect and they will only be available for a limited time. Collecting all of them will grant you a one of-a-kind limited time trophy! So make sure to get cracking.

A graphic of the new form of EzGuys

Eggcha Day: A New Form to EzGuys

Eggcha Day is an official Ezcha holdiay, and as such the popular EzGuys have been brought out into their full form including legs! Now, with an EzGuy in the Eggcha Day game you can run, sit, wave, grab, fly, and swim with your very own EzGuy! To get started find the Customize button and get your own look! It is worth noting that EzGuys do not support Bases or Backgrounds in this setting.

The new faces included with EzGuys, Eggs on the left, Breakfast on the right

This new form also comes with two exclusive easter faces for your EzGuys to equip; the Eggs (left) and Breakfast (right) faces!

A photo of some locations to find in Eggcha Day

Eggcha Day: The First Eggcha Day World

Explore the new Eggcha Day game and discover some references to your favorite Ezcha platform titles, who knows you may end up space, deleting some Cubied blocks, or even sorrounded by a bunch of buttons, just make sure to not push them! The world is built to be mostly it's own brand new ideas though, with possible hints to upcoming Ezcha games along the way! Make sure to look closely as Eggs could be hiding anywhere!

So what're you doing? Why are you not playing Eggcha Day? You can play it with friends now, as long as you're reading this between May 31st and June 14th! That's all for now, it's Eggcha Day, now go collect eggs and solve all kinds of other mysteries.

Play Eggcha Day Now!!

Thanks for reading, Max

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a month ago

it is no longer eggcha day..


a month ago

im so happy i was able to egg all over the place


a month ago



2 months ago

max when i get my hands on you


2 months ago



2 months ago



2 months ago

This is so eggciting!

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It's Eggcha Day!

Written by Max
Published May 31, 2024, 6:30pm CST
Edited May 31, 2024, 10:12pm CST


A post about the newly formed holiday of the platform. Eggcha Day: An annual celebration of eggs, not related to any other egg themed holiday.