News I'm Still Here

I'm Still Here

I've been busy for a while but I'm finally back with another small update. Before continuing work on Scribble Surfer Scramble, I wanted to make some changes behind the scenes. I've added functionality to create and track app/game information on my server and an achievement/award system that utilizes it. The new award system will be used in Scribble Surfer to motivate players and to add some fun to the game. After I had awards working I decided to add some to this site to show how they work. If you have an account you'll already have at least one. I have also opened up donations. Donations will be used to further game development along with helping the server costs and my bils. If you donate $5 or more you will recieve elite access in return. Elite access comes with exclusive blog posts, early access to my games and more. Check the elite page for more information.

What's Up Next

A good amount of progress on Scribble Surfer has been made, and I plan on making a second devlog about all of it soon. I also have a few more ideas on how I can improve the website and better integrate it into my games, along with making it easier to access. I also have an idea that might excite those interested in Scribble Surfer, but it will have to wait until the second devlog.

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a year ago

Hello my guy


2 years ago

Just copped that Elite...


2 years ago

He's still here.


2 years ago

he's still here


2 years ago


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2 years ago

Shoutouts to all the madmans that bought elite


2 years ago

simp man


2 years ago

I am now a simp


2 years ago

Awards pls


2 years ago

give me awards

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I'm Still Here

Written by Dylan
Published Aug 22, 2020, 10:15pm CST


Elite access and awards are now available, plus an update about Scribble Surfer Scramble.